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To make payments, enter the phone number or utility code. Then select the service from the list that you want to pay for.

To make payments, enter the phone number or utility code. Then select the service you want to pay for, from the list below.

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Convenient method for payments

Forget about the need to keep checking your balance or to remember the dates when you have to pay the bills for utilities or for communication services. Once you set an “Autopayment” for your mobile number balance or any other service, it will be automatically topped up by the amount set up by you. It is also possible to set up a payment schedule. For this, you need to choose the preferable date for top-up and set the ammount. You need to attach a payment card to use the "Autopayment" service.

Security and Trust

Security is guaranteed by the international PCI DSS certificate in the ArCa processing center. “VEON Armenia” CJSC does not store information and details of your payment card. The data is encrypted and is transferred directly to "Ameriabank" through protected channels. The bank ensures high level of security for our users’ data. All data is stored in a centralized processing center, where their security is protected via the Master Card Secure Code and Verified by Visa (VbV) technologies.

Settings and activation

"Autopayments" service activation is free of charge. No subscription fee or commission is charged. You can easily set up the payment amount and date, upon reaching which your account will be automatically topped up from an attached payment card. Later, you can change the settings at any time you wish. All cards issued by the Armenian banks are accepted for payments (except AMEX cards issued by ACBA Credit Agricole Bank).

Attach card for faster payments

By attaching a bank card, you can activate the "Autopayments" service. It is available for registered users only.

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