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Terms of "Universal payment" Service

1. Service overview

1.1. By means of "Universal payment" service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) it is possible to pay for the following services;

  • "VEON Armenia" CJSC (trademark Beeline)
  • "Ucom" LLC (trademark Ucom)
  • "MTS Armenia" CJSC (trademark VivaCell-MTS)
  • "GNC-Alfa" CJSC (trademark Rostelecom)
  • "Electric Networks of Armenia" CJSC (Electricity)
  • "Gasprom Armenia" CJSC (Gas)
  • "AEG Service" LLC (Gas service)
  • "Veolia Djur" CJSC (Water)

1.2. Payment can be made by means of VISA, MasterCard and ArCa payment cards, except cards issued by "VTB Bank Armenia" CJSC.

1.3. To make a payment, it is necessary to correctly, completely and properly mention the requested information, required data of the payment card, as well as the amount to be paid.


2.1. The minimum amount of the payment is 100 dram, maximum amount is 100 000 dram.


3.1. The Service User is responsible for data input accuracy.

3.2. For problem clarification related to payments which are made via cards, it is necessary to apply to the bank issuing the card.

3.3. "VEON Armenia" CJSC and “Ameribank” CJSC shall not bear any responsibility for the provided service and for correctness of data entry. 

4.Procedure of money transfers

4.1. The money is transferred to the subscriber's (the Service's User) agreement/contract, which corresponds to the data, which are indicated at the time of the User's input of the Service.

4.2. For money transfers and communal payments, commission is not charged.

4.3. The technical assistance of the money transfers and of communal  payments service is provided by “Ameriabank” CJSC.

5.Objection presentation and money repayment procedure

5.1. To present an objection for communication services of “VEON Armenia” CJSC (Beeline trademark), it is necessary to submit the electronic or printed version of the disputable payment receipt to any of “VEON Armenia” CJSC Sales and Customer Care Offices. In case of impossibility of making payment, it is possible to get information regarding the telephone number condition from the Customer Service Center via calling 0611 (from mobile number) or 0-8000-0611 (from fixed number).

5.2."VEON Armenia" CJSC is not responsible for the calculation and amount of the Customer's debt of services, provided by point 1.1 of this Terms, which are subject to pay and are listed in the relevant databases of the service providers. The data provided by the service providers or their intermediaries specified in point 1.1 of these Terms are displayed.

5.3. In case of questions concerning to any other service, you can contact the Customer Service center of “Ameriabank” CJSC by calling (+374 10) 56 11 11.

6.Other terms

6.1. All disputes and disagreements arising from the present terms and conditions should be resolved through negotiations, in case, when it is not possible, in accordance with the procedure provided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

6.2. “VEON Armenia” CJSC has a right to inform the Service User, via his E-mail, about new tariff plans, promotions, etc. The Payer can subscribe/unsubscribe from receiving notification from “VEON Armenia” CJSC, by making corresponding changes in the Application settings.

6.3. The Service User, hereby, gives his consent to “VEON Armneia” CJSC to receive information about its different initiatives via E-mail, provided by him. Contemporaneously, the Service User has a right at any time, to refuse getting information to his E-mail address, by contacting “VEON Armenia” CJSC.

6.4. Under the current terms and conditions, performance of actions by the Payer, for starting the usage of the Application, is considered complete and unconditional agreement of the Payer to the current conditions and limitations, included in it.

6.5. “Ameriabank” CJSC has a right to freeze the made payments until the clarification of circumstances, in case of reasonable suspicion of fraud in the Information Technologies field, in particular, unauthorized actions by the payment cards and the unauthorized use of resources and services in the communication networks.